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Qualitative Research

Qualitative research is an open ended questions(conversational) based research method that heavily relies on the following market research methods: focus groups, in-depth interviews, and other innovative research methods. Companies can use qualitative research to gain actionable insights on how to improve their strategies and products.

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Quantitative Research

Quantitative market research is a technique to ask questions to the target audience in an organized manner using surveys, polls or questionnaires. Received responses can be analyzed to make well-thought decisions for improving products and services, that will in turn help increase respondent satisfaction levels.

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Methods Used

Focus Groups

In-Depth Interview

Online Communities

Reflective Journal



Qualitative Research

Insights Depot specializes in recruitment and research methods that capture a true snapshot of the consumer experience—recruiting target consumers in-the-act and observing real-life interactions in context.

Qualitative market research is most frequently used in political campaigning to understand voter perception of political candidates and their policies, interviewing business leaders and diving deeper into topics of interest, psychological profile studies and so on.

Recruitment Strategy

  • We identify respondents using a variety of methods—from traditional panels to “in-the-act” shopping engagements
  • Then, we audition them via video screen, phone interview or pre-work to make sure they’re on target
  • All moderators are experienced and professionally trained so you don’t leave with more questions than answers

Quantitative Research

As the name implies, Quantitative market research focuses on the quantity and structured collection of data. It began with face-to-face techniques and now has evolved into online surveys like those provided by our online panel. It is often used to capture data like customer behavior, size of the market, identifying reasons for product repurchase. This type of market research is usually based on a large number of samples.

You can’t identify truly actionable insights without asking the right questions. Our approach to quantitative research leverages custom analytic methods and engaging surveys to elicit thoughtful responses that map to actionable answers.

Reasons to conduct Quantitative Market Research

  • Research is the first step for a successful marketing campaign, be it a new product launch, sales pitch positioning or conducting a data-oriented statistical analysis.
  • By conducting an online quantitative market research, insights about marketing activities like updating the website, social media page management or newsletters can also be received.
  • By implementing Quantitative Market Research, questions like “Who are currently buying my products/services?”, “Why are the others not buying my product?”, “How to reach out to my potential clientele?” are answered.
  • Quantitative research starts with survey creation, designing, and distribution. After the survey is sent out to the right people, data collection and analysis has to be done to get desired insights.

Methods Used

Online Surveys




Mystery Shopping

Product Test