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How Does Insights Depot Work


1. Designing

Identifying the problem & designing the research

2. Gathering information

collecting data and measuring information on variables of interest,

3. Analysis

illustrative method of applying the right statistical or logical technique so that the raw research data makes sense

Benefits of Market Research

ID can deliver valuable benefits to companies like yours.s.

Maintain customer-centric approach

ID can help understanding your consumer base better, and that is an essential step to creating a customer-centric business.

Identify Opportunities for growth

Market research isn’t just an important step for new companies or companies launching new products. Conducting market research periodically can help you discover new opportunities to improve and grow.

Some Market Research Findings

Here is a look of some market research statistics which help enhance your business.

Marketers using consumer research to drive decisions. 40%
Marketers who agree that understanding user journeys across channels and devices is critical to their success. 50%
39% of B2B buyers want self-serve options. 39%